Eyes on the Horizon: Our Creative Journey

Eyes on the Horizon: Our Creative Journey

“You should have seen me yesterday in my fleece onesie, holding my coffee mug, staring at the postcards on my refrigerator. I haven’t washed my hair in a week and I feel like I’m maybe getting somewhere.”

A very typical conversation we had a few weeks ago.

Just as we were in creation mode this past winter, we’re now … still in creation mode. This time, it’s with our trailer for the docuseries and all that comes with it – launch strategies, marketing, revenue streams, impact tracking. We’re lucky to have some of the best experts on our team to help.

Some call it the creative process. Others call it feeling like a squirrel on crack looking for the perfect nut. Or maybe we are the nut?

Admittedly, we don’t have a textbook in front of us outlining all (five? seven?) steps of the coveted creative process itself. But what we CAN tell you is that we feel a bit how we (assume) a mad scientist might.

Scribbles in notebooks, yes. Brilliant ideas in the shower, double yes. But we’re also learning how to deal with absolute periods of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and a whole lot of blank space before the … BAM! comes. Or, sometimes it’s a series of little bams that lead to another overhaul all together. And we’re learning to be ok with that!

The truth is, when it comes to the creative process, there isn’t a proverbial blueprint to follow. There is no right or wrong way to go about growing and nurturing an idea and introducing it to the world. The journey can – and should – be as unique as the idea itself. In our case, it involves onesies (no judging), sticky notes (does 3M want to sponsor us?) and a whole lotta perseverance.

For every moment of doubt, there’s also a reassurance that there is something that keeps us waking up to say “yes” every morning. The stories we’ve heard; the needs that must be fulfilled.

So, in the meantime, we’ll keep our eyes on the horizon, with our true north leading the way. Never know, the next creative clue might just be behind the milk somewhere.

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