“Where can I watch Seeing Brave?”

“Where can I watch Seeing Brave?”

“I missed the premier of Seeing Brave! Where and when can I watch it?”

It’s the #1 question we’re getting right now. We’re overjoyed at the mountain of interest and inquiries wondering how you can see it, too!

In short, no, it’s not on Netflix or Amazon. There’s no quick link to stream, download or view Seeing Brave right now. But there are definitely ways you can still view it in the coming months.

First, it’s important to know why we’re creating this docuseries. We knew from day 1 that our mission was to inspire the next generation of leaders to make great change in the world in their unique way. And a big part of achieving that dream includes going beyond the film aspect.

Seeing Brave is meant to be a catalyst to start conversations, real talk, real ideas. Our vision is to accompany the docuseries with tools and resources like workshops and seminars to keep that motivation alive after the screen goes dark.

At the moment, we’re in the process of securing distribution. As much as we wish this was an overnight step, it’s far from it! We want to create impact, but we also need to be smart about growing as an organization, too.

The great news is that in the meantime, we are planning several events to screen and discuss Seeing Brave this fall and winter open to the public. We promise to shout those loud and clear so you can mark your calendars. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

We also know each of you are creative and passionate, too. If you have ideas of how to include Seeing Brave into your own school, organization, workplace – we want to hear them! Head to our contact form to drop us a line – we’re all ears 🙂

Most importantly, thank you for believing in us and sticking by our side. We’re always grateful to read your questions and hear your encouragement to help us be the best we can be.

Katie and Dana

Freeheart Creative
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