5 Questions We Get Asked (a Lot)

5 Questions We Get Asked (a Lot)

“Oh that’s so exciting!” is often the reaction we get when we tell people what we’ve been up to lately.

Starting an ambitious project like an international documentary series is one thing. Starting a project while creating a business, as two female entrepreneurs, with a non-traditional approach to ‘work’ is another.

When we tell folks what it IS that we’re up to, it’s often followed by a blank look of “How in the world are you making that happen?” or – in most cases – a thousand other questions that lead to …more questions.

We noticed a lot of these questions popping up more than once, so, what better way to spread the love than to bring you right into the conversation?

Q: How are you finding your documentary subjects?
We haven’t had to search far and wide even though our stories take place around the world. The beautiful thing about this work is we already know that courageous stories are happening all around us, right under our noses. Friends, friends of friends, our co-worker’s brother’s fiancé – you get the idea. We realized pretty early on with this first project that we can’t just tell four women’s stories and leave it at that. Not when there are thousands out there that need to be shared. And that’s where the idea of a series was born – among other surprises we have in store!

Q: You’re doing this “on the side” right?
This is where a lot of those “Oh my God, you quit your JOBS to do this?” looks come in. Parts of our former careers left us feeling unfulfilled on multiple levels. We both knew from the beginning that we’d need to establish a long-term plan, seek helpers, call on talent, and get serious about the issues in the world that need real-time, deep attention to make this a reality. While we both still freelance on the side, Freeheart Creative continues to be our front-and-center much of the time. It’s been the deepest labor of love both of us have endured (so far).

Q: When will it be ready and when can I see it?
That’s a very big question for a very big ‘deliverable’ (we still like using our business lingo sometimes). Our goal is to have the first two episodes done by late spring 2017, but the full documentary series will take some time to get just right. A lot goes into the research, site planning, creative approach, editing, drone flight path – kidding (sort of).

But don’t worry, we won’t be keeping you in the dark the entire time. Expect lots of sneak peeks along the way. Oh – and did we mention that this is way more than just a documentary series? More on that soon 😉

Q: You’re so perky. How do you keep your energy up?
You won’t see any energy drinks in our refrigerators (but ok, we do like coffee). Truthfully, we’ve both found that treating our bodies well and respecting our time has been a non-negotiable.

We’re not the entrepreneurs who brag about pulling all-nighters four times a week while locking ourselves in our studio apartments. We know we’re pretty much good for nothing if we both burn out by month three. We make time for yoga daily (even if it’s only a few minutes) and meditate together to keep us calm when those post-it notes hit the fan. There’s always a lot going on, but the truth is, we love what we do so ridiculously much that we tend to float on natural excitement and energy. That’s the stuff that can’t be bottled up in a thermos.

Q: What countries will you be going to? When?
We can’t tell you all our secrets! But we can tell you that we’ve lined up places where some of the most common cultural misconceptions take place – and that’s on purpose. Our first stop is just off the Indian Ocean in just a few weeks. You’ll want to tag along for this one!

Katie & Dana

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